So Long, Goodbye

What a Bittersweet Symphony it has been blogging for you. It’s been interesting and whatnot, but it’s that time of year… The semester is wrapping up and I’m not Wrapped Up In You enough to continue blogging, though it has been a great experience.

For those of you graduating…. I hope you learned a lot here at Purdue. I’m sure those friends you made, you know, the life-long ones, the “Friends Forever,” will miss you, but you’ll keep in touch. After all, you’ve had The Time of Your Life with these friends!

Okay, I have to stop now. Listening to all of these songs is making the end of the semester seem that much more real. I’ve made some amazing friends who are graduating this semester and I can’t imagine next year without them. I’m sure some of you feel the same.

Regardless, I hope you had a good time following my blog, maybe even learned a few things, or laughed at my subtle, yet obviously hilarious humor. (I’m so modest.) Good luck during finals week, good luck with jobs, internships, vacations, and anything else you may be doing this summer. I hope you gained some new perspectives after viewing my opinions and listening to some songs.

You’re probably thinking…. “Thank the lord, we’re done with all of her obsessive music posts and opinions.” But let’s be honest with each other here, When I’m Gone… You’re going to miss me. (And if you’re wondering, yes, I can do the cup trick.)


Remember, you can use music as your escape when you need a little break from the real world. 

So Long, Goodbye. 


All Time Low, All New Music

Exactly eight days ago, All Time Low released a new album called Future Hearts. This album is already No. 2 in the country, which, if I do say so myself, is pretty darn impressive.

All Time Low is a band that I have listened to since their album, Nothing Personal, came out in July 2009. I know most of the words to every song on this album, but the song “Weightless” became one of my favorites and remains that way today. It contains a few choice words that may be inappropriate for little ears, however, the message of the song remains positive and uplifting.

I’m definitely excited about their new album and can’t wait to become more familiar with their new songs. The title of No. 2 album in the country sets the bar high for Future Hearts. So far I’ve had a chance to listen to their new song, “Something’s Gotta Give,” and it’s already threatening to be stuck in my head. Again, a few choice words, but still an amazing song.

I hope this little preview is enough to make you want to buy their album and continue listening.

Coming up this spring…

Along with warmer weather, bluer skies, and beautiful, blooming flowers spring also brings us concert season. Whether you attend a concert on campus, or travel to for a concert, your options are looking bright.

Here at Purdue, before the spring semester is finish, there will be two concerts hosted before the end of April.

April 10th- Dublin Guitar Quartet, 8:00 p.m., Loeb Playhouse, $15 per ticket.

Here’s a taste of what you’d hear:

April 17th- The Avett Brothers, 8:00 p.m., Elliott Hall of Music, $36.50-49.50 per ticket. 

Here’s a what The Avett Brothers have to offer their fans:

If you’re willing to make the drive, Indy also has plenty of options for this year’s concert season. There are way too many concerts to list because of the various venues that Indy has, but I’ve got some great lists for you to look through if you’re interested in finding the right concert for you.

VIVIDSEATS,  Indiana Concert Tickets, and Songkick all have the concert lineups from today on through the summer. So shop around and plan for a great concert season here in Indiana.

Youtube Music Awards 2015

There’s this new thing called the YouTube Music Awards show. Youtube has compiled 50 winners from this year and now they’re kindly releasing 13 new music videos for fans to watch. The show has music from the following artists:

Action Bronson ft. Chance the Rapper, Cahoots, Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran & Rudimental, FKA twigs, Kygo ft. Parson James, Lindsey Stirling, Martin Garrix ft. Usher, MAX ft. Hoodie Allen, Migos, Megan Nicole, Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias, and Shamir.

If you’re a fan of any of these artists or music videos in general, this is for you. It’s a new type of show to honor the hard work these artists and music producers do for our entertainment. Hopefully this will be a new trend, because it’s pretty cool…

Get the YTMA 2015 Music Video Playlist, subscribe to the Youtube Music Awards channel, and get a look behind the scenes at how the laser-filled launch film for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards was made.

Without further delay, as posted today on Youtube, the 2015 Youtube Music Awards show. Enjoy.

Songs to Get You Through This Week

It’s the week before spring break. We all need some positive vibes while taking our last exams and finishing our last assignments and hours of work. Being the friendly and helpful person that I am, I’m going to help you by giving you some examples of what you should be listening to these last few days.

Let’s just say, as students, we’re going to be feeling invincible this week… some may even say bullet proof. But remember, we’re not bullet proof, so don’t forget to take your exams and turn in your homework.

Titanium- David Guetta

Sometimes, we really want to give up this last week before break.. but you can make it through the week. You will get to your beautiful spring break trips. Just remember that you will survive the week.

I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

All right. So you got a little too excited and you procrastinated on your studying. Maybe you didn’t study as much as you should have for that last exam… maybe you ran out of time to proof read your paper before submitting it… There is nothing you can do about it now, no need to worry about it, you just need to shake it off.

Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

It’s time to realize that you’ll just have to work a bit harder after break.. It can only go one direction from here…

Up- Shania Twain

When Friday rolls around you will have earned your trip to where ever it is you’re going. You’ll be gone from school for a week.

Gone- Montgomery Gentry

Stay tuned. Friday will be a blog post you don’t want to miss before spring break.