Let us take a trip down the musical memory lane…

Just like many things in our world, music has come a long way. This trio of women take you from the 1950s to the 2010s in an energetic and comical performance all while in their car. From Sydney, Australia, Lana Kington, Madison Lloyd and Shae-Lee Shackleford call themselves… SketchShe.

Their video “Mime Through Time” is pretty cool because they not only lip sync the songs, but they wear the attire that goes with it (or in one song’s case, no attire at all).

Since the video was posted on March 31, 2015, it has receivedĀ 16,030,364 views on theĀ YouTube page. Before watching you should be aware of censored nudity at the end of this video, as well as an inappropriate hand gesture in the middle of the video.

If you can handle a little crude humor, proceed.

Along with lip syncs, these women do comedy acts that will double you over with laughter. Check out their Facebook page and let them know what you think.