Coming to you this summer…

If you’re like me, you’ll be staying around campus or heading to an internship near a big city. Will you get bored and need some entertainment? Possibly. Lucky for you, I’m in the same boat. The only difference is that I have a paddle, and I’m willing to share it with you.

If you’re staying near campus there are PLENTY of things to do, many of which have to do with musical events. The Lafayette/West Lafayette has this wonderful page of events for you to look at for local things. The page allows you to input different dates that you’re looking for events (not only concerts, but many other things as well). It then generates a page of events with details, times, prices, etc. It’s pretty niffy.

Not more than two hours from campus is the wonderful capital of Indiana. Indianapolis also has a nice line up concerts for us this summer. Live nation is a great website to find concerts and ticket prices. Just input the city, Indianapolis, or where ever else you may be and a list of concerts and dates will be just within your reach. The Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, IN also has a great line up of concerts for us.

If you’re feeling like taking a little road trip, maybe crossing the state line into Illinois, Chicago also has some great concerts in store for us this summer. You can look up the different events taking place or a different line up of concerts. 

The best thing about these sites and cities is that there are a wide variety of musicians and bands playing at each throughout the entire summer. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy. So take advantage of these wonderful opportunities and check out a concert of festival this summer.


Timeflies at Purdue

OK, so a few things… 1) Timeflies is an American music duo of producer Rob Resnick (Rez) and vocalist Cal Shapiro. 2) The title of this blog is a pun. It’s “punny,” kind of. 3) Today is the first time I listened to some of their songs, and they are GOOD (in my opinion.)

Meet Timeflies: Rob and Cal


Timeflies with Truslow

March 7th

Purdue University, Elliott Hall of Music

8 p.m.

So what type of music does this duo produce? They call it “Electro Hip Hop Dub-Something.” Descriptive, right? But it mostly sums it up nicely. Here’s what they do with their Electro Hip Hop Dub-Something: release new remixes, perform live covers, and freestyle over original beats. They get creative, they have fun, and they sound great. This is just my opinion, so what do you think?

Original music: 

Their original music is “music to my ears,” but their freestyles and covers are just as wonderful. Timeflies has a Youtube channel called “Timeflies Tuesday” that is dedicated to covers and freestyles.

(This song is unedited and therefore may be inapropriate for some listeners.)


I think this sums up the personality of the duo so well. You can see they have fun, they’re creative and Cal is impressive in his ability to incorporate these random words into his lyrics.

If you’re as impressed as I am, you should get your tickets soon. Really soon. I hear they’re almost gone. You can get them through Purdue Convocations or Ticketmaster.

Tweeting Up the “Perfect Storm”

A little birdy told me that Brad Paisley is coming to Purdue… Now, Elliott Hall of Music was full on Thursday for exams, but Saturday it’s going to be jam-packed with that concert excitement and I’m going to right in the middle of it. 20150206_171737

Well, technically I’ll be on the right side, but you understand what I mean. While I’m there, I’ll be keeping you company via twitter as I live tweet all of my and the crowds excitement to share with those unable to attend. In a sense, I’ll be your little birdy.

My handsome dates for this concert are Brad Paisley, The Swon Brothers, and Parmalee. This may very well be the best date a country music fan could ask for.

Parmalee has southern country-rock style, which sounds like (1)

While the Swon Brothers made their way into the public’s eye with their music.

images (2)

And let’s not forget about Mr. Paisley… his songs, well just listen and fall in love.


The concert starts at 8 p.m. at Elliott Hall of Music, so if I don’t see you there, no worries, you don’t have to miss a thing if you find me on twitter. @KJKPUCOM