All Time Low, All New Music

Exactly eight days ago, All Time Low released a new album called Future Hearts. This album is already No. 2 in the country, which, if I do say so myself, is pretty darn impressive.

All Time Low is a band that I have listened to since their album, Nothing Personal, came out in July 2009. I know most of the words to every song on this album, but the song “Weightless” became one of my favorites and remains that way today. It contains a few choice words that may be inappropriate for little ears, however, the message of the song remains positive and uplifting.

I’m definitely excited about their new album and can’t wait to become more familiar with their new songs. The title of No. 2 album in the country sets the bar high for Future Hearts. So far I’ve had a chance to listen to their new song, “Something’s Gotta Give,” and it’s already threatening to be stuck in my head. Again, a few choice words, but still an amazing song.

I hope this little preview is enough to make you want to buy their album and continue listening.


Spring Break or Bust.

No matter where you’re going for break, what you plan on doing, or how you’re getting there, I’ve got music for you. First let’s start off with your road trip experience. Some of these songs may not be for you, but they could give you some ideas for building your personal playlist.


These 50 songs may make or break your trip depending on your musical tastes. Don’t be shy, take a look at them.

What about a game? How well do you know music? Could you handle this Alphabet Singing Road Trip game?

  • The first player sings the chorus of a song whose title begins with A, e.x: “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.
  • The song title must also be featured in the chorus.
  • The second person then starts a song, whose title begins with B. And so on.
  • You decide on a time limit for each person to think of a song and start singing.

May seem lame, but hey, it could be just what you need to make your road trip humorous.

Now, what about a playlist for your destination? Whether it’s home, a foreign country, or somewhere nice and warm, you need something to listen.


Hard Rock Energy provides you with a playlist consisting of songs that “are your jam,” “socially acceptable,” and “are for wooing.”

For you country lovers out there, Whiskey Riff provides you with the Ultimate Spring Break Playlist of 2015.


Spring breakers, I will leave you with these last few words of wisdom. Your music selection on your spring break trip may just connect you with some really fun, new people. So don’t be afraid to belt out your favorite tunes and blast your beats. I hope you all have a wonderful break and I will continue posting the Monday after break.

Timeflies at Purdue

OK, so a few things… 1) Timeflies is an American music duo of producer Rob Resnick (Rez) and vocalist Cal Shapiro. 2) The title of this blog is a pun. It’s “punny,” kind of. 3) Today is the first time I listened to some of their songs, and they are GOOD (in my opinion.)

Meet Timeflies: Rob and Cal


Timeflies with Truslow

March 7th

Purdue University, Elliott Hall of Music

8 p.m.

So what type of music does this duo produce? They call it “Electro Hip Hop Dub-Something.” Descriptive, right? But it mostly sums it up nicely. Here’s what they do with their Electro Hip Hop Dub-Something: release new remixes, perform live covers, and freestyle over original beats. They get creative, they have fun, and they sound great. This is just my opinion, so what do you think?

Original music: 

Their original music is “music to my ears,” but their freestyles and covers are just as wonderful. Timeflies has a Youtube channel called “Timeflies Tuesday” that is dedicated to covers and freestyles.

(This song is unedited and therefore may be inapropriate for some listeners.)


I think this sums up the personality of the duo so well. You can see they have fun, they’re creative and Cal is impressive in his ability to incorporate these random words into his lyrics.

If you’re as impressed as I am, you should get your tickets soon. Really soon. I hear they’re almost gone. You can get them through Purdue Convocations or Ticketmaster.

Well, That Sounds Scary.

Dear Friday the 13th,

Why are you so terrifying? Why do countless people gather on this day to watch movies filled with twisted plots and horrifying killers? Why do children intentionally watch things that give them nightmare? I think the answer lies in the thrill, the goosebumps, and the rush we get from seeing things we could not imagine in our own minds.

So now the important question is: what is it that makes scary movies so terrifying? Is it the blood and gore? Is it that high-pitched scream that alerts us to danger? What in the world could it be?

I dare you to watch this video clip with your volume turned off.

Now, watch it again, but this time turn the volume up.

What did you notice?

Beyond the shadows, blood, and screams, there is this thing we call music. Those simple few notes that warn us of the foreshadowed kill that is about to take place; the notes that make the hair on the back of our necks stand with anticipation. In this case it is the movie soundtrack that we hear. And it is terrifying. Now I’m not giving all the credit to the composers who write the scores for movies, nor am I saying that only scary movies have this quality.

I’m saying, “MUSICIS CRUCIAL.”


Movies weren’t always the way they are now. If you recall, movies started out as silent films, which had only music and subtitles to tell the story. So how did movies evolve to incorporate music, sounds, and conversation? The Power of Film Music has great insight to the importance of music in films. But more importantly than reading this article, watch some scary movies this Friday the 13th and pay close attention to what the music provides for the film.

Tweeting Up the “Perfect Storm”

A little birdy told me that Brad Paisley is coming to Purdue… Now, Elliott Hall of Music was full on Thursday for exams, but Saturday it’s going to be jam-packed with that concert excitement and I’m going to right in the middle of it. 20150206_171737

Well, technically I’ll be on the right side, but you understand what I mean. While I’m there, I’ll be keeping you company via twitter as I live tweet all of my and the crowds excitement to share with those unable to attend. In a sense, I’ll be your little birdy.

My handsome dates for this concert are Brad Paisley, The Swon Brothers, and Parmalee. This may very well be the best date a country music fan could ask for.

Parmalee has southern country-rock style, which sounds like (1)

While the Swon Brothers made their way into the public’s eye with their music.

images (2)

And let’s not forget about Mr. Paisley… his songs, well just listen and fall in love.


The concert starts at 8 p.m. at Elliott Hall of Music, so if I don’t see you there, no worries, you don’t have to miss a thing if you find me on twitter. @KJKPUCOM