The Sound of Spring

Spring is upon us at Purdue University. Along with spring comes the infamous Grand Prix week. It is the time of birds singing, cars blaring music out of their open windows, and outdoor darty music coming from every house, apartment, and garage. (Darty, the combination of day and party, darty.)

What should you expect? You should expect noise, music, and tons of people coming out of hibernation to enjoy the beautiful weather and music together.

To get your week starred off right:

Have fun this week, enjoy good music and good company, and be responsible.


Spring Break or Bust.

No matter where you’re going for break, what you plan on doing, or how you’re getting there, I’ve got music for you. First let’s start off with your road trip experience. Some of these songs may not be for you, but they could give you some ideas for building your personal playlist.


These 50 songs may make or break your trip depending on your musical tastes. Don’t be shy, take a look at them.

What about a game? How well do you know music? Could you handle this Alphabet Singing Road Trip game?

  • The first player sings the chorus of a song whose title begins with A, e.x: “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.
  • The song title must also be featured in the chorus.
  • The second person then starts a song, whose title begins with B. And so on.
  • You decide on a time limit for each person to think of a song and start singing.

May seem lame, but hey, it could be just what you need to make your road trip humorous.

Now, what about a playlist for your destination? Whether it’s home, a foreign country, or somewhere nice and warm, you need something to listen.


Hard Rock Energy provides you with a playlist consisting of songs that “are your jam,” “socially acceptable,” and “are for wooing.”

For you country lovers out there, Whiskey Riff provides you with the Ultimate Spring Break Playlist of 2015.


Spring breakers, I will leave you with these last few words of wisdom. Your music selection on your spring break trip may just connect you with some really fun, new people. So don’t be afraid to belt out your favorite tunes and blast your beats. I hope you all have a wonderful break and I will continue posting the Monday after break.

Wedding Vibes

Depending on where you’re from and how you were raised, weddings can have very, very different tones. For example, growing up in Southern Indiana and attending weddings led me to believe that the common wedding traditions included…

-Fried chicken

-Open bars

-Country and Rock music 

And lots of DANCING.

On the other hand, I’ve been to a wedding in Memphis, Tennessee. The meal was fancy, the music was more pop, and there was no such thing as an open bar or dancing all night.

So, my wedding experiences have ranged from very rural to very urban in music. I asked an engaged Purdue student, who is currently planning her wedding, about some of her song choices for her wedding. Taylor is from the Indianapolis area, so I’m expecting her overall music genre to be more hip-hop based on her city location, but we’re about to find out together as I ask her questions regarding her song choices.

Q: What do you feel the most played genre/genres of music will be at your wedding? 

A: Our family and friends enjoy a mix of rock and country so I’m assuming that’s what will be playing.

Q: Do you plan on there being any hip-hop or rap played at your reception?

A: I don’t plan on playing any rap or hip-hop (unless Cha Cha Slide counts?) because most of the invited guests have the same music interests.

Q: So on a more personal level, what song did you pick for your father-daughter dance?

A: For father-daughter dance I chose the song “Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. I chose this song because of the message it sends about my father and I’s relationship.

Q: What message does it convey?

A: When listening to the lyrics of this song, it talks how he (the singer) wants to spend his life next to her and witness every moment together. I feel like that represents my dad’s support for me.

Q: How do you think he’ll respond to your song choice, and why? 

A: I know he’ll more than likely cry. He acts tough, but I’ve see him cry during Sarah McLaughlin commercials, plus I’m his only girl.

Q: What about your first dance with your husband, what song did you decide on and why?

A: We went to a Keith Urban concert and Fritz (my fiance) started to sing “Making Memories of Us,” badly I might I add, but it was romantic. We both love country music so the decision was easy.

Q: What about the wedding party? What song will they enter to at the reception?

A: I love the song “Uptown Funk” but we aren’t going to decide until the date gets closer. Who knows what funky beats will out next summer.

For those of you planning a wedding or helping to plan a wedding, here are some ideas for you. Thank you Taylor for sharing your wedding song selection with us and we hope it’s a hit.