Intro to video

As an amateur video producer, I would like to share with you my first attempt at capturing music in a set time… Through Instagram, I have recorded the acoustic guitar playing of a Tom Petty song. Let’s see if you can guess what song this is after listening to the 15 second intro.

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I did say amateur, but really, I hope it wasn’t that bad… Thanks for watching.


Music is Everywhere.

How far can you walk across campus without seeing someone with headphones on? How long do you think it would take you to hear music on any given day? I guarantee¬†it wouldn’t take long. Whether it’s a background activity or the main event, music has a place in our lives and has been around for much longer than we can fathom.

I think I’ve said this before, but just so you don’t forget… I can’t go a day without listening to music.¬†On average, a person will listen to several hours of music a day. You don’t have to look very hard to find music… because Music is Everywhere.

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