Flash Mobs Turn Classic

Did you know that flash mops can be more than a large group of people dancing? Let me set the scene for you.

You’re studying abroad in a beautiful European country. You have a weekend to explore, so you take a trip into the city. You’re in a crowded street, maybe sitting down and enjoying lunch from a local cafe… You’re minding your own business, people watching, soaking in the sun on this beautiful day when all of a sudden you here a beautiful sound. Not only is it beautiful, but mesmerizing. Are you day dreaming? No, there really is music filling the streets.


This is what you see and hear:

Banco Sabadell, a city in Spain, celebrated their 130th anniversary with a flash mob orchestra. Over 100 people participated in the flash mob from Symphony Orchestra of the Valleys and choirs, Lieder and Amics of l’ Òpera and the Choir Belles Arts.

What a beautiful sound, indeed. I’m not sure about you, but this gives me chills. Notice how not only is music playing, but the crowd grouped around the musicians starts to raise their voices to join the orchestra. It would be an amazing thing to hear such beauty.