Uptown Funk goes Old School

When you’re looking for good covers, sometimes the oddest thing can be the best thing. This is a cover down by a group of senior grooving to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” Not only do they sing, but they also throw in some fancy moves. It’s comical and charming in it’s own way.

Alex Boye, the lead singer, leads his pack of senior citizens through the music video set by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.  If you ask me, I think these young singers better watch out, the seniors still have moves.


Let’s get creative.

People are always trying to find new and exciting ways to complete everyday, mundane tasks. Many times, this new, unique way is with music: brushing your teeth for the correct length of time by singing your ABCs in your head, proposing to the love of your life via song, memorizing information to the music of a song, maybe even searching for a roommate…

This is one of the most adorable examples I could find of a proposal through song and dance… This is a “lip-dub” proposal to the song Marry You by Bruno Mars.

Another interesting way to use music can be seen in this video. A man searches for a roommate by posting a music video showing potential roommates the area and the apartment he is offering them if they would want to move in. His song “Come Live With Me In Brooklyn” was posted on Youtube.

Personally, I would be more likely to say yes to someone who spent so much time and effort on proposing to me and I would be more impressed and humored by rooming with someone who creatively posts and ad seeking a new roommate. Next time you’re looking for a way to impress and wow, try something new, incorporate music, dance and sing. It really can make the most boring task more energized.

Mood Booster Music

Sometimes, as humans, we fall into these moods we just can’t get out of or explain. If you’re like me, these moods make it impossible to figure out what kind of music you should listen to while in them. Do we enhance the experience by seeking out a playlist that intensifies our feelings or to do we try to change our moods by playing something that is the opposite of what we’re feeling to counter it? What ever your desires may be, you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Spotify has an amazing “Mood Booster” playlist if you’re looking to enhance or develop a happy mood.

–I’ve also stumbled upon a site called “Stereomood,” which is pretty interesting… I haven’t come across one song that I know, yet the music matches the mood you input into the search. It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for new music.

–If you’re merely looking for songs to motivate you, out of these 20 songs, you’re sure to find one that helps.

These options may lead you to another discover, and if they do, I hope you’ll share them with me. Until then, work on finding the perfect mood booster music for you.

Beats for Your Brain.

Did you know that some people believe that different kinds of music can make them smarter, work harder, and focus on a task better?  Why do parents play classic music, such as Mozart, for their infants? Why do certain songs “kill the mood” or liven up the party?

Many studies have been conducted, many books have been written, and many articles have been published (CNN & Huff Post each have great articles on the subject) in the hopes of understanding the effect listening to music/sounds has on a person’s brain. Though no definite answer has been unearthed, there are many connections that have been made.

Personally, I believe music has a major effect on my mood, it helps me sleep more sound, and can give me some much-needed energy on those dreary Monday mornings.

Musical  Minds, a study done by Neurologist Oliver Sacks, deals with the brain while listening to music. I find this study very interesting and I’m hoping you will too. It gives us a view of what takes place when we listen to music, in this case, classical music. I also find Sachs views interesting in a Q&A he did with random participants.

Interesting study, right? But it’s more than just that. When I listen to different songs, different genres, I feel as if they define me, show a part of me that I can’t express without it. My mood predicts what I listen to that day, but if my mood changes, so does my playlist. Even my actions can be a factor in what music I listen to.. (work, studying, writing a blog, taking a shower.)

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you know these 8 Surprising Ways Music Affects the Brain:

1. Happy/sad music affects how we see neutral faces

2. Ambient noise can improve creativity

3. Our music choices can predict our personality

4. Music can significantly distract us while driving (contrary to common belief)

5. Music training can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills

6. Classical music can improve visual attention

7. One-sided phone calls are more distracting than normal conversations

8. Music helps us exercise

Music really does have a large impact in our lives, you just need to listen. 

Fallon, Ferrell, Hart: the Epic Battle of Lip Sync.

This lip sync battle may not be a battle of true musical talent, but rather a battle of the most talented lip sync artist. I don’t know about you, but growing up I learned that lip syncing was frowned upon. It was a fake act, disappointing.images

However, this video is anything but disappointing. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, what I saw growing up was an artist on stage pretending to sing in the hopes that the audience wouldn’t notice the difference. What we see here… actors and comedians competing for the best “fake” performance.

images (1)

They didn’t announce a winner, but you can. Who’s your favorite  lip sync artist: Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, or Kevin Hart?

Want more? Why wait. Emma Stone is up next.