Bug Bowl Radio

Bug Bowl is a big deal here at Purdue University. It’s part of the infamous Spring Fest, which as the title hints, takes place every spring. If we’re lucky, it will fall on a beautiful April weekend.

Let me take you back a bit… How did Bug Bowl Radio come to be? Well, first we must have Bug Bowl. In 1990, a man by the name of Christian Y. Oseto created what we call Bug Bowl as a way to raise awareness and money for Purdue’s Entomology Department. Little did he know that it would be such a big hit. 

The radio wasn’t thought of until much, much later, say ten to fifteen years later. As more and more students got involved with the Spring Fest and Bug Bowl, more and more ideas came to the table. One of these ideas happened to be… BUG BOWL RADIO. Who doesn’t love music and spring and festival activities.

As wonderful as the fest and Bug Bowl are, I think one of the most unique things is the radio. Students host the radio playing tons of songs, some of which I had no idea were about bugs.

To get a taste of what Bug Bowl radio is about and how it contributes to the Bug Bowl tent and Spring Fest, check out this slideshow video. (Click the image below.)


Whether you’re a fan of bug related music or not, maybe you have some unique ideas to contribute to the future of Bug Bowl and Bug Bowl Radio. Attend the fest next year or volunteer to host the Radio. Check out more of what Spring Fest has in store for you.


Coming to You April 10, 2015: The Dublin Guitar Quartet

In less than two days the Dublin Guitar Quartet will be here at Purdue playing some very interesting music for all those in attendance. The show will take place this Friday at 8:00 p.m. in Loeb Playhouse.

This quartet uses guitars instead of the usual violins, viola and cello, which ultimately makes this a unique experience you don’t want to miss out on. Irish music alone is an interesting genre to listen to. If you’re unfamiliar with the Dublin Guitar Quartet, listen to this beautiful music.

Why would a Purdue student want to attend such an amazing show? Here’s what Anna, a vet tech student thinks:


If you were lucky enough to check out this event in advance, you would have had the chance to attend a pre-show dinner. However, as of April 2, 2015, tickets for the pre-show dinner have been sold out. If you’re still interested, there is a wait list you can add your name to by contacting the Convos office at (765) 494-9712 or convos@purdue.edu. Tickets for the show are still available and only $15.