What’s the Big Deal About Rock Band?

When Rock Band came out, I laughed and laughed about all the people drooling over fake instruments set up through a gaming console. What’s so great about pretending you can be a rockstar? Why not just learn to play a real instrument and read sheet music? I would get so annoyed because that’s all my friends would play… just like their sports video games… why not actually go out and play? It annoyed and confused me to the point where I refused to partake in the gaming.

Rock Band won awards and continued to produce and sell game after game… Really. What’s the big deal?

After most of all the hype died down, I gave Rock Band a chance. (It’s still ridiculously popular.) To my surprise, it was actually kind of fun, as long as I played on “Easy” or sang. But, I still don’t understand exactly why people were going crazy over it. To help me clear up this confusion, I have the perspective of a Rock Band rockstar recorded. From this video, it is obvious how fun the game can be… This is the true story of a Rock Band Rockstar:

After the interview, I took some footage of the whole band. You can see them in their natural college habitat, after they completed their homework of course.

Now I understand that Rock Band is just another way to have fun and enjoy music and good company. If you haven’t given it a try, I recommend that you and your friends get together and start a band… a Rock Band.


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