The newest uproar in country music.

Before beginning to read this blog post, be warned that it is a touchy subject for some people. I’m not intending to offend anyone or shove my beliefs at anyone, but this is MY BLOG, so my opinions will be clear.

On October 21st the country band, Little Big Town released the album Pain Killer which featured their new hit song “Girl Crush.” I’ll be honest, when I first heard the title “Girl Crush” on the radio I automatically assumed it was about a lesbian couple. Of course, I never paid attention to the lyrics, because I didn’t much like the melody at the beginning of the song.

My reasoning for not liking the song is seemingly mild compared to that of the recent radio uproar in Boise, Idaho. Country music radio station 104.3 FM is taking heat from listeners who assumed exactly the same thing that I did, that the song represented a “gay agenda.”

When listening to the song again, I can see where people would get confused by the lyrics, not that it should matter.

Little Big Town’s response to this controversy is very well put and I completely agree with their disappointment in listeners with such closed minds. I know that this can be a touchy subject because of the various beliefs people have, however, I don’t think people have a right to complain about the artists intentions. If a song comes on the radio that I don’t like, I turn the station, put in a CD, or turn it off completely.

There is no reason for such an uproar when the problem can be solved by simply turning off the radio or respecting that people have different beliefs and containing your negativeĀ opinions about them.


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