Lady Gaga Brought “The Sound of Music” to the Oscars…? Yes, yes she did.

Happy 50th Anniversary to the award-winning film, “The Sound of Music.” If you didn’t see the Oscars last night, you missed one heck of a performance by Lady Gaga. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s style, though some of her songs are catchy, but her tribute to “The Sound of Music” took my breath away. Almost a 5 minute performance, but it is worth your time.

Reasons why?

1. Lady Gaga looked and performed so elegantly, it was impossible to tear my eyes from the TV screen.

2. Her voice never faltered, she hit every high note and she met ever low note without hesitation.

3. Julia Andrews, the actress who originally sang these beautiful songs, joined Lady Gaga on stage after the performance and embraced her. What could have been a better thank you? Nothing.

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