The Valentine’s Day Playlist

February 14th is a day of candy hearts and fresh roses, but what else can help set that love-dovey mood for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day? You guessed, it’s music. What some can’t express to their significant others in words, they can express through music.

So here’s my list of 5 Valentine Day songs to incorporate into date night this year.

  1. I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie

2. Secret Valentine- We the Kings

3. My Best Friend- Tim McGraw

4. Crazier- Taylor Swift

5. Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper

If you’re expecting your date night to last longer than a five-song playlist, check out TIME’S Valentine’s Day playlist, which will also provide you with some anti-Valentine’s Day songs.

And for those of you who say “It’s just another day,” and have a bitter hatred for those cute couples, here’s a list of anti-Valentine’s Day songs.

1. Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me- Hunter Hayes ft. Jason Mraz

2. Batman’s Song- The Lego Movie

3. Pray for You- Jaron and the Long Road to Love

4. You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon Jovi

5. Gives you Hell- The All-American Rejects

For 24-hours worth of anti-adorable music, check out



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